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The Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London



The SAUL Final Salary Plan

The SAUL Final Salary Plan provides a regular income when you finish working. When you retire you will get a tax-free lump sum and a monthly pension. SAUL also provides benefits for your family and dependants after your death.

The SAUL Final Salary Plan is a defined benefit pension scheme. Your benefits are based on your length of service in SAUL and the highest salary at or near the time you leave so your benefits won’t depend on market conditions.




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Benefit Calculators

Final Salary Benefits Guide

SAUL Summary Leaflet


Other Schemes

► Active Members
If you’re contributing to the SAUL Final Salary Plan

► Deferred Members
If you’re leaving or have left employment and still have benefits in the SAUL Final Salary Plan

► Pensioner Members
If you’re receiving a pension from the SAUL Final Salary Plan

► Prospective Members
If you’re considering whether to take advantage of SAUL membership


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