The Superannuation Arrangements
of the University of London

About us


The Superannuation Arrangements of the Universities of London (SAUL) was set up on 1 April 1976 to provide pensions for non-academic staff of the University of London.

SAUL now provides pensions for more than 50 organisations with links to Higher Education and has 46,000 members.

SAUL is registered with the Pension Schemes Registry and its registration number is 10125215.

Its HMRC registration number is 000328818RG

SAUL Trustee Company

SAUL Trustee Company (STC) is the administrator and Trustee of SAUL.

We are responsible for the day-to-day administration of SAUL and for looking after the interests of SAUL members.

Our responsibilities include:

  • collecting the money that members and employers pay in to SAUL
  • managing where the money is invested
  • making sure that we pay pensions to members in accordance with the SAUL Rules

STC's Board of Directors make key decisions about the Scheme on behalf of SAUL members. More information about our responsibilities can be found in the Annual Report and Financial Statements.

SAUL Trustee Company is a company, limited by guarantee No. 2868875. It is registered in England and Wales at:

1 Kings Arms Yard

SAUL Trustee Company complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998. SAUL Trustee Company uses your personal data solely for the purpose of administering your pension benefits. To do so, we may need to disclose information to professional advisers and other third parties, or to your current or a future employer. We may also disclose information to Government or regulatory bodies when required to do so by law. If we have to process certain information, such as medical or health details, which we regard as ‘sensitive personal data’, we will not do so without first getting your explicit consent.

If you’d like access to the records we hold for you, please contact us here.


Our people

Our people are the key to providing excellent service to SAUL members and making sure that our members are at the heart of all we do.

SAUL Trustee Company employs around 60 people at our central London offices. Together we're a dedicated team of pensions experts.

 We're always happy to hear from SAUL members whether you've got a question about paying in to SAUL, would like details of the pension you might get in the future or want to discuss the pension you already get from SAUL.


Our vision

Putting members at the heart of all we do

This is our vision and reflects our commitment to give the best service we can to SAUL members.

We decided to update our vision so that it properly reflects how SAUL Trustee Company works and demonstrates what's most important to us.

Everything we do, whether writing to you about your pension, calculating what you'll get from SAUL when you retire or making pension payments to you is focused on giving SAUL members the best service possible.

Our vision is clear and straightforward. It means we can easily measure whether we are working successfully and improve things if we need to.

We always strive to provide excellent service to SAUL members. We hope our new vision demonstrates our commitment to you.

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If you have a question about SAUL or need to talk to us about your pension, please get in touch.


SAUL Trustee Company
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