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SAUL is Tier 1 stewardship signatory

21 December 2016

SAUL invests some of the money paid into the Scheme by members and employers in company shares. Being a shareholder means that, through our investment managers, we monitor and engage with these companies on issues that could affect their performance and the return on SAUL's investments.

SAUL is a signatory of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) UK Stewardship Code, which sets out how investors should engage with the companies in which they invest.

The code's seven principles include having a clear policy on how we vote at Annual General Meetings and being willing to act with other investors to influence the companies where we have investments.

The FRC recently awarded SAUL Tier 1 status, recognising that SAUL provides 'a good quality and transparent description of [our] approach to stewardship'.

Tier 1 reflects our commitment to achieve a good investment return, engage with the companies in which we invest and make information on our investments and voting record publicly available.

You can find out more about our response to the Stewardship Code and the Trustee's approach to Reponsible Investment on our new web page.

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