The Superannuation Arrangements
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Letters to overseas pensioners from our partner, Lexis Nexis

13 February 2018

We’re working with a company named LexisNexis to ensure the information we hold for some SAUL members is accurate and up-to-date. If you’re a SAUL pensioner and living overseas you may have already been contacted by LexisNexis on SAUL’s behalf to confirm your existing address details.

LexisNexis will be writing again to our overseas pensioners who have not yet confirmed their address details.

You can reply to Lexis Nexis or, if you wish, you can confirm your details directly with SAUL, by contacting us. To confirm that we are speaking to the correct person we will need to perform a basic identity check before releasing any details.

It’s important that we hold the correct address details for SAUL members to help us keep you updated regarding your pension benefits.

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