The Superannuation Arrangements
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New guides and resources for 2018/19

6 April 2018

We've updated our guides that give you information about your SAUL pension:

'Building for your future’ is your complete guide to all the benefits you get from SAUL membership. It has been updated for the 2018/19 tax year and now includes a section on how SAUL aims to invest responsibly.

'Getting your pension from SAUL' is aimed at members who are thinking about retirement or are newly retired.

'It's your future' is your summary guide to SAUL.

You can see all our guides on the Publications page.

Our take home pay calculator now has the new tax limits for the 2018/19 tax year.

If you’re currently paying into SAUL, the calculator shows the real difference SAUL membership makes to your take home pay.

Most SAUL members pay less tax and might pay less National Insurance. This means the actual difference SAUL membership makes to take home pay is usually less than the 6% of pensionable salary members put in.

Don’t forget, employers currently pay 16% of your pensionable salary toward your SAUL benefits.



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