The Superannuation Arrangements
of the University of London

Your 2018 Annual Statement

17 July 2018

While you’re working for a SAUL employer and in SAUL, we’ll send you an Annual Statement each year.

This year’s Statement shows the value of your pension at 31 March 2018. If you have Final Salary benefits, it will show these as ‘banked benefits’ and tell you how they’ll increase in future. 

The 2018 Statements have now been delivered to SAUL employers and will be sent on to SAUL members shortly.

You can find out more about your Statement by visiting Here you’ll find: 

  • a link to the new retirement calculator, which shows what you might get when you want to retire. You’ll need your Annual Statement to use the calculator. All of the values with a red calculator icon next to them need to be entered into the fields of the calculator
  • an interactive guide which explains more about the values shown in your Statement
  • a way of giving your feedback on your Statement which will help us improve them in the future.

If you die in service, a tax-free lump sum of four time your salary would be payable to your beneficiaries. Your Letter of Intent helps the Trustee decide who should get the tax-free lump sums payable if you die. If your circumstances change, please remember to complete a new Letter of Intent.

If you have any questions about your Statement, please speak to the person who deals with pensions at your employer.

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