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16 October 2018

Find out about SAUL’s performance in the 2018 Annual Review.

Your SAUL benefits are important, so every year we send you an Annual Review to give you information about the Scheme and how it’s performing.

You can view this year’s Review here.

The Review contains important information about:

  • SAUL’s finances and investments
  • the 2017 financial health-check
  • our service to you, and
  • how to protect yourself against pension scams.

If you’re in SAUL and working for a SAUL employer, you’ll receive a copy of the Review from your employer directly.

If you’ve left your SAUL employer or are getting a pension, you’ll receive a copy at your home address.

You can find more detailed information about SAUL and its finances in the Annual Report, which is available here.

If you have any questions about this year’s Review, please contact the person responsible for pensions at your employer or us.

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