The Superannuation Arrangements
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SAUL and Brexit

13 March 2019

We’ve been considering, for some time, how Brexit might affect SAUL’s funding and the services we provide to members and employers. Although the outcome of Brexit is still unclear, we’ve considered a range of possible scenarios and potential risks.

While nothing is certain, Brexit is not expected to have a significant effect on SAUL’s funding or our services to members.

SAUL’s assets are highly diversified which helps protect our investments from economic uncertainty in the UK.

SAUL is UK-based and regulated, so Brexit is not expected to affect the legislation and regulations which govern how SAUL is run. We’ll continue to pay pensioners who are based in the EU. 

The Trustee is monitoring the possible long-term effects of Brexit and we’ll keep members informed of any developments. Our goal remains to deliver a sustainable and affordable Scheme for members and employers, now and in the future.

Click here to see some common questions and answers about Brexit. 

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