The Superannuation Arrangements
of the University of London

What do I get from SAUL?

Being a SAUL member means you'll get:

  • a pension and tax-free lump sum when you retire
  • a pension and tax-free lump sum if you're too ill to work.

Your beneficiaries will get:

  • tax-free lump sums if you die
  • a pension if you die
  • child allowances if you die, payable until your child's 18th birthday or their 23rd birthday if they're still in full-time education.

SAUL pensions increase each year.

Your SAUL pension is flexible, this means you can choose the pension and lump sum that suits you when you retire.

You can find out more about retirement options in the Getting your pension section.

You can find out how your pension is calculated on the how do you work out my pension? page.

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