The Superannuation Arrangements
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Brexit and your SAUL pension

If you've got questions about the impact of Brexit on your SAUL pension, you can find out more below.

Will I still receive a pension when I retire?

Yes. The SAUL Trustee is responsible for making sure there's enough money in SAUL to pay the benefits promised to members.

When you retire, you'll receive the pension and lump sum promised to you.

Will Brexit affect the value of my pension?

No. SAUL is a Defined Benefit pension scheme, which means the benefits members receive are defined in the Scheme Rules. So, the value of your pension is set in the Rules and will not be affected by Brexit.

I'm a pensioner. Will Brexit affect my pension payments?

No. SAUL will continue to pay a pension to you each month for the rest of your life.

I'm going to live abroad when I retire. What are the consequences for my SAUL pension?

SAUL currently pays pensions to members living abroad (in the EU and the rest of the world).

SAUL will continue to pay pensions to members living abroad after the UK has left the EU.

Will Brexit affect SAUL in the long term?

The long term effects that Brexit will have on individuals, businesses and pension funds aren't yet known.

The Trustee will continue to monitor the financial position of employers who pay into SAUL.

SAUL's dedicated Investment Committee will continue to actively monitor investment risk and make sure SAUL's investment strategy remains appropriate.

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