The Superannuation Arrangements
of the University of London

About the calculator

The Retirement Calculator gives an illustration of the benefits you might receive from SAUL. It's not a statement of entitlement or a promise of a future pension. The SAUL Rules override the calculator results.

The calculator results are based on current data (as at 31 March 2018) shown in this year's Annual Statement.

The calculator results are not financial or legal advice. We are not liable or responsible for any decisions you make or action you take based on the calculator results.

The actual pension you receive from SAUL will depend on:

  • your future salary increases
  • future inflation
  • how long you remain in SAUL, and
  • when you decide to retire from SAUL.
General points

 All the figures shown are in today's money. This means you can compare the results to your current cost of living and your current salary.

The calculator doesn't take into account any Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) you have paid.

We haven’t included any State pension benefits you might receive in this illustration. You might wish to get a State Pension forecast from


 The calculator has been built on a number of assumptions which might be different from your own circumstances.

The calculator assumes that:

  • you will not receive any salary increases in future – your CARE Salary, which includes any overtime you earned this CARE Year, will remain the same until you retire
  • future inflation will be 0%
  • you'll stay in service until you retire
  • your Normal Pension Date is the last day of the month before your 65th birthday
  • any transfers into the SAUL Final Salary Plan took place before 1 July 2012
  • if you retire after Normal Pension Date, you'll continue to contribute to SAUL and build up benefits, but you won't receive additional increases for late payment.

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