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You can contact us by email, letter, phone or the contact form on the website to request a transfer. Once you’ve told us you want to transfer your benefits out of SAUL, we’ll calculate your transfer value and send you a quote within 10 working days of running the calculation.

If you’d like to go ahead with the transfer, you’ll have three months to send forms back to us (you’ll need to complete the paperwork we send you and ask the administrator of the new scheme to complete some forms too). If you send forms back after more than three months, we’ll recalculate the transfer value, which might be lower or higher than the original quote.

You can find more information in the Transferring your pension section of the website.

No. SAUL no longer accepts transfers in from any other pension schemes.

The Letter of Intent helps the Trustee decide who’ll get tax-free lump sums from SAUL if you die. If you’re unsure who you’ve nominated on your Letter of Intent, you should complete a new form and return it to us. Once you’ve been receiving your pension from SAUL for five years or more, we won’t need you to complete a new Letter of Intent. This is because SAUL won’t pay any lump sums if you die more than five years after you get your pension.

You may be able to get a lump sum instead of a pension. This option is only available if:

  • you're at least age 55 when you retire, and
  • the value of your SAUL pension is less than £10,000, or
  • the value of all your pensions (apart from the State pension) is less than £30,000.

The value of your pension is calculated as your annual pension, multiplied by 20, plus any separate tax-free lump sum.

If you're already getting a pension from SAUL, you might be able to exchange your monthly pension for a single lump sum. You can contact us for more information. You can find more information about getting a single lump sum instead of monthly pension payments in the Retirement Booklet.

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